Your Future is in Good Hands – YOURS!

Have you ever daydreamed about the future? Wondered about the “What if’s”? And worried that you’re stuck and never getting where you want to be?

Well – let this be your wake-up call. Your future is in good hands – YOURS! Only you can decide whether the situation you’re in will lead you to the purpose you want your life to have. And yes, I understand that some situations are outside our control. For that, I’m deeply sorry that you are going through that. Please know that you are in my prayers.

Now, let’s focus on the things that we can control.

Let’s not allow ourselves to be “stuck” any longer. Let’s not allow others to bully us into their thinking any more. Let’s stand for ourselves and make our future be the future we want it to be. One step at a time. One baby step. Just one.

Maybe you have been so depressed lately about losing a child, so your step can be as simple as getting out of bed and getting dressed. Or maybe you have been stuck in a dead end job, so you can decide to take a peek at what else is out there on-line or as a side business. Or maybe it’s a difficult situation at home, it can start with a conversation with someone you can trust.

There are so many maybe situations out there. There are many situations in YOUR life, right now. Take a look around. Then take a simple step forward. Then watch it start turning turning your gloomy future into a not-so-bad one. It may be slow going through it. And it may get rough some time. But you are never alone in this struggle.

And keep going. Keep doing those itty, bitty, tiny baby steps forward. Heck, even when I’m on an airplane, it seems like time slows down. But when you look back, you’ll realize how far along you’ve come. And the not-so-bad future may even be better than you imagined!

So what is that baby step for you today? What can you do to get out of the pit and ensure that you are taking control of your future?

Your Future is in Good Hands - Yours!


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