What going TOWARDS a volcano sometimes feel like in business

Should you run towards or away from piping hot lava? ☄️ Asking for a friend….

I know, I know… you’re supposed to run AWAY from an active volcano that is sputtering out HOT lava 🔥🔥🔥

But hey, what’s the fun in that? 😆

Just like in business, if we always ran away from potentially risky situations & never take any chances, we may be letting once-in-a-lifetime opportunities slip away.

That’s exactly why I decided to weigh the risks & take a chance…
This past week, I went TOWARDS a fiery volcano in Hawaii…
Well, at a safe distance at least!
Yes, if it blew – nowhere near I was would’ve been safe 🙈

At the end of the day, I survived & it was a very memorable experience!!

Now tech is something that most entrepreneurs feel like they’re walking right into a volcano.  Drop a comment below & tell me if that’s you too! Don’t worry I gotchu!!

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do you feel like the floor is lava when you mess with tech? Comment below

* Took a photo of the active volcano in the Big Island, Hawaii  (yes, their town is called Volcano & people live there)



To Taking Chances & Getting More Clients,

a.k.a. volcano chaser & sales closer


Fighting with tech may feel like the floor is lava at times 😰
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