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** Dianne’s Transparency Policy: Before I share the list with you, I wanna be upfront about my affiliate disclosure (in less legal-gibberish, more gibber here👇🏻
This page contains affiliate links where if you click through to make a purchase, I may get a few bucks, which will most likely be used as coffee money ☕️ 
It does not cost you anything, at all. And I only recommend things I truly believe in, whether they pay me or not.
My #1 goal is to do my best to help & provide you the info you need to build your sustainable online business.  Fair enough? Cool, let’s dive in!

Personal Space.

7-Mins of Meditation

It's no secret that I suffer from Anxiety & burn out is REAL for entrepreneurs so meditation is my jam as part of my daily routine coz #MentalHealthMatters!!
Cost: Free 7 Day Challenge

Workout Anywhere

Truth be told, I'm lazy AF!! However, I do know health is important so this app is perfect for me coz they have variety from 5-min beginners' level to kick-my-butt intense😬
Cost: Membership + Free Vids

Lots of Audio Books

I love books but there's not enough time to read them all! So most of the time, when I'm traveling or not listening to podcasts, I use Audible to catch up on my book selections!
Cost: Free Trial

Project Management.

Spread Simple

This transforms your Google Sheet into a fancy embeddable, searchable site. When you use this with Google Form, pure magic!
Cost: Free +


Perfect for external projects that you share with your clients since they can copy your templates & make their own boards.
Cost: Free +


This is a very flexible tool that you can use to brainstorm, mind map, create timelines, etc. It also comes with easy-to-use templates.
Cost: Free +

Calendar Scheduler.

Personal Planner

Please tell me I'm not ancient coz I still use a paper planner, but I do. I love the Legend planners coz there's different kinds based on your preferences plus fun stickers LOL
Cost: starts at $17.99

Book Like a Boss

I compared the price & feature difference of BLAB from Calendly. You definitely get more from BLAB unless you're looking for 100% free
Cost: Free Trial

TidyCal (Calendly alt)

Instead of depending on a free limited tool like Calendly, I recommend checking out this tool that allows you more flexibility without the hefty price tag every month
Cost: $29 One Time

Design & Branding.

Canva Design Tool

I've come up with a new way to procrastinate - I call it #ProCanvastinate coz their tool keeps getting better & I spend hours on designing sometime.
Cost: Free +

Branded Templates

Not even gonna lie, Canva consumed quite a bit of my time when I first started out. Then I found Julie's membership & she even have free templates to get you started!
Cost: $37+

Snag-It Screen Capture

One of the things I like to do is take screen prints of images / videos to review at a later time. Snag-It is one tool I can NOT live without. Once you try it, it changes your life!
Cost: Free Trial

Social Media.

TailWind App

I've dabbled in pretty much ALL the automation tools. Hootsuite, Later, Buffer, TailWind lets you post to Pinterest, IG & FB seamlessly (even stories) & easily design your post 🙂
Cost: Free +

Response Suite

I've used both JotForm & TypeForm, which have free accounts. But ResponseSuite allows me to have a more 'branded' feel & loving the new features they frequently update!
Cost: $1 Trial

AI Copy Club

Not ONLY for Social Media, Brittany Long's AI Copy Club goes in so much depth how to leverage automation (ChatGPT is *just* one of 'em) to make our online business life easier!
Cost: $9/m

Email Marketing.


Did you know MailChimp ends up in Spam than most email providers? Don't let your nicely written, hard work go to JUNK mail! MailerLite does everything MailChimp can.
Cost: Free +

Prebuilt Emails

Some peeps like simple so they check out FloDesk. But again, FD has one of the lowest deliverable % rate. Want simple AND easy? You HAVE to check out these awesome templates!
Cost: $9/month


After comparing dozens of membership-ish tools out there, Kartra comes out on top. They have it all, from scheduling to sales funnels. Email automation & more!
Cost: $1 Trial

Website & Landing Pages.


If you aren't too concerned about SEO searchability & want easy drag & drop, Wix is the simplest tool for you. I personally feel it's a bit limited for functionalities to scale your business.
Cost: Free +


Want all the bells & whistles and you're techy enough to manage it? WordPress is the best! But without the right expertise, you may end up with a Franken-website.
Cost: Free +

Site Templates

If you REALLY want to use WordPress, you can save some time & headache by starting with a prebuilt branded-templates. Better than staring at a blank screen.
Cost: $199 +

Membership & Courses.


You can start out with just a Paypal link. However, a payment processor tool gives you more features like upsells, split payments, free trials, etc.
Cost: Free +


I've compared this tool vs Groove, MemberVault, NewZenler, etc. With more features & having been around longer, Thinkific is a good starter tool.
Cost: Free +


I'm making a move from Kartra to ThriveCart this year ever since they came out of the Learn+ feature to host courses AND it's a lifetime deal!
Cost: $495+ One Time Fee

Podcasting & Audio.


My podcast is currently with but looking at BuzzSprout, they have a free plan plus MORE features. Right now, they're also giving a $20 Amazon gift card for paid plan signups.
Cost: Free +


If you want a cool audiogram social media post, this tool makes it super easy! Much better than static images to show off your podcast or any other video training you wanna promote 🙂
Cost: Free +

Looking for super easy way to transcribe your podcast (or client calls?) You definitely gotta check this one out! Helps you repurpose your audio to written content!
Cost: Free +

Video & Lives.

Be Live

I've tried a bunch of streaming apps, OBS is too complex & FB is still undeveloped, BeLive is easy to use and you can multi-cast to broaden your reach even more!
Cost: Free +


You may have heard of Loom but BerryCast is a winner for me coz they have the abilty to embed videos, record offline videos, get replies, & more features added regularly!
Cost: $4 / m +

Copy AI

Besides ChatGPT, I've tried different AI tools before, this one can handle my sassy tone, which is a MUST for a robot to take my job, just sayin. No more staring at blank screen!
Cost: Free+

Hardware & Tools.

BlueYeti Mic

I've tried cheaper mics & using my headphones but these are super nice & the quality is built to last you forever. For a starter mic, the Snowball version works great!
Cost: $39 +

Logitech c922

Yes, you can use the camera on your computer but it never seems to look right. Having a good, reliable HD webcam makes your audience tune in better. While you're at it, get a tripod!
Cost: $70-ish + (depends on sales)

Contract Club

Not really a tool but if you're running an online biz, this NEEDS to be in your legal toolbox! Don't be fooled by the affordable price, Braden puts your contract woes at ease with this one!
Cost: $30

Must Haves.

Credit to Your Business

Even if you do not currently have an offer yet or want to create an upsell for your existing offer, the easiest thing to do is to make a gift certificate of sorts
Cost: $9

The EPIC Collab

To reach more peeps, you need to partner up with others, either through blog guestings, summits speakings, or better yet, create a course together!
Cost: $21+

Get More Leads with Ads

Ads should NOT be your first go-to to get clients but it's a great strategy to build on your organic marketing! No need to be confused with it though.
Cost: $7/m (+ ad cost, duh)

Additional Resources.


Zapier has been a leading tool to stitch a gazillion other tools together. I've found this gem with a lifetime deal & it works for me really well!

* If you go directly on their site, there’s a monthly fee


Let's face it. Contracts are no fun to read or send (unless you're a lawyer). eSignature make it easy & it's a $0.49 flat fee for each document.


I love lifetime deal apps. It's affordable & you support another small business! Plus, they are more likely to work with you to deliver exactly what you need!

For access to even more Tools & Resources, click HERE.

* Know of a tool that should be included in this list? DM me on Instagram so I can look into it & possibly add more to this list!
** One last thing: If you missed the memo up top… This page contains affiliate links where if you click through to make a purchase, I may get a few bucks, which will most likely be used as coffee money ☕️ It does not cost you anything, at all. And I only recommend things I truly believe in, whether they pay me or not.
My #1 goal is to do my best to help & provide you the info you need to build your sustainable online business.  Fair enough?

thanks for being here!

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