Are you THready for it? Know AND Connect with YOUR Dreamy Clients

It’s getting scary fast how things catch these days between ChatGPT AI things & the newest social media hype
So here’s a post that’s NOT a “how-to” guide or about how you should get on yet-another-new-app.

💥Coz as an online entrepreneur, it’s been fascinating to be part of this post-Covid social experiment
& navigating thru the shift should NOT feel like untangling yet another s̶t̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ thread from last Christmas.

The thing is, the way Clubhouse launched back in 2020 would NOT have worked today. Not sure if you remember the exclusivity feeling of the invite-only vibes back then. This was strategic on the CH team since they didn’t have as much cashflow as Meta. They would not have been able to handle that much traffic flooding their doors at once.

With the way Threads was launched, over 30 million users were able to get in. You have to remember that Meta is reusing a lot of their backend systems (like IG, etc). AND they are mostly text-based right now, much less data to handle than voice. If Meta did NOT do a viral-marketing approach that allowed the app to go mainstream right away
The Threads app would probably not catch the same hype it’s getting in the media & definitely won’t get the attention of the consumers trained to tune into video-type content.


Instead, with their approach.. they got a solid head start with their user base & here’s my observations on the different camps of people’s take on this app:

THE EARLY-ADOPTERS: The now-or-never crowd who would get on the band wagon whether it’s cool or not.
Although there’s some in this bunch who’d try to dictate what’s allowed to post & how this new world order should be.

THE CLIQUES: This applies for both already cool kids who want to expand their turf so they get on board to claim their ‘territory’ & the ones who want to get in closer proximity with the cool kids insert eye roll on those “it’s refreshing to connect here* post.

THE DABBLERS: Honestly, I feel like this is my camp. As a multipassionate, experimentation & fun is part of my business. This is the camp where we are mostly curious, see how warm the water is, & what the hype is all about. May fizzle out.

THE OPPORTUNISTS: Oh honey, there’s money everywhere. $100k strategy in 24 hours, yep. A new bestie turned MLM downline, why not? Instead of rolling eyeballs at the hustle, show some love & wish them well. Or is your unfollow button broken?

THE CHALLENGERS: The ones who actively chooses to opt out of the hype AND pokes fun at everyone jumping on board. Stop making people feel bad about their choices in life. Let’s be adults & respect each other for once, k?

THE BYSTANDERS: The ones who either didn’t get the memo something was going on. Or they got the memo & completely ignored it. Which either way, totally a-ok. You keep doing you coz there’s an abundance of opportunities in this world.

The interesting thing you may or may not have picked up on in my list above is that:
I specifically did NOT call out a platform coz this set of user behavior can be for any new app.

Fascinating, yes?

This is EXACTLY why we need to be INTENTIONAL with the way we show up in our online business.
We should KNOW our audience, where they’re at, what they’re thinking, how they buy, why they do things.

This is so we can SERVE better, create a bigger IMPACT, while making more in SALES in our business.

Curious what’s your take on this shifting digital landscape & the rise of yet another new social media app?

With Love Always,
Dianne 🧡

Quick Bio about the Author: Dianne Shelton is a former Fortune 500 management consultant turned business strategist and certified Coach. Her mission is to help you get the clarity & structure you need to get unstuck from Idea Land to your Ideal Life so that you can share your gifts with the world.
She has helped hundreds of women through her direct, on-point coaching style that provides more clarity and just the right amount of structure. Her work has been featured on Female Entrepreneur Association, Brainz Magazine, Empowered Woman Spotlight, Thrive Global, and Medium.
She spends her free time traveling in search of good friend chicken and hanging out with her 3 younger siblings when she’s introverting at home.
Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook @PassionBreakthrough


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