Be Careful of The Hidden Drawback of Lists!

Lists are great! If you’re like me, I keep a bucket list, to-do lists, goals list, grocery list, and everything-in-between lists!

You may have heard somewhere about prioritizing lists in four boxes:

  1. Important and Urgent: Do
  2. Important but not Urgent: Defer
  3. Not Important but Urgent:  Delegate
  4. Not Important and Not Urgent: Delete

Clean and simple. But things are often not that simple. And they shouldn’t be.

Instead your lists should really look like this:

This is what a real life list probably looks like...

Real life requires creativity. Don’t let those who came before you tell you that you have┬áto be stuck in a box. Learn something from them but overflow your experiences outside the box. That’s where you’ll find your way to finding your purpose.

~The Butterfly Ninja
Think Grace.

Click on the image below to download your own copy of the list template above:
Free for Personal Use: Blank List Template

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