Sundays: The Beginning or The End?

I like to consider Sundays as my catch-up day and have some time at home. But just like any other day, there is only 24 hours to this day. It signals the beginning of the week (which can be a stressing thought of going back to work or school!). And it also signals the end of the weekend (which can also stress most of us that seem to have a million more things still to do!).

I’ve come to the conclusion that Sundays can be a little less painful if done right.

Make Sundays a Good Beginning to Your Week:

  • Plan your week right (and leave room for “real life events”)
  • Learn something that will inspire you (read, listen, or watch something…)
  • Leave time for yourself (even just a few minutes to indulge on a bowl of ice cream!)

Make Sundays a Good Ending to Your Week:

  • Prioritize and only do the most important chores (do you really desperately need to do a laundry load of towels?)
  • Connect with your loved ones (chores can wait, time well spent with our loved ones is a memory well-earned)
  • Leave time for yourself (yes, it’s here twice because it’s just that important!)


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