Start with the End in Mind: My End Goal

Last month, I wrote about my Mission Statement, which serves as my personal road map. Another valuable piece of information that keeps my actions lined up with my passion is my Vision Statement.

Vision Statement, as I have learned it, should be short and straight to the point. My personal Vision Statement is 10 words long and states exactly what I hope to accomplish and what I am passionate about.

Vision Statement

Your Vision Statement should reflect your passion. You should be able to memorize it and share it with anyone as an “elevator speech” of what you do or hope to do. It should not generic either (i.e. “To make a difference in the world”). Further, you should be able to refer back to this statement anytime you need to reflect on what you are trying to accomplish. At least for me, it gives me a fresh breath of air and a new set of ideas whenever I revisit my Vision Statement.

So what are you passionate about? If you haven’t figured it out yet, it may help by condensing what you love and hope to accomplish into your personal Vision Statement.


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