Build your business with the support of your guides and other spiritual business owners. Experience a deep connection with yourself and the universe, find greater flow in your business, and be inspired every day. 
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🎁 Monthly Moon Forecast Calendar:
  • A file to upload to your calendar at the beginning of the month with the moon sign and phase as well as how to use their energy in your business.

🔈 Weekly Audio Retreats
Every week on the New Moon, Quarter Moon, or Full Moon, you will receive an audio recording of the weekly lunar themes and moon forecast. These also include tarot pulls, visualizations, and other guidance for your week. Listen on Teachery or your favorite podcast app! 
🙋🏻‍♀️ Live Gatherings

Astrology Learning Sessions 
Once a month, I'll be hosting a live gathering where you can ask questions about your birth chart and learn more about astrology!

Group Business Coaching Sessions 
Once a month, we will meet to talk about members businesses, help you come up with content ideas, and work through any blocks you may be experiencing with the support of tarot and astrology. (I will pull tarot cards for you and look at your birth chart for guidance.)

🎓 Moon Courses:
  • A Lunar Road Trip: The Moon in the 12 Signs Course ($37 separately)
  • The Moon Phase Momentum Masterclass ($47 separately)

📝 Notion Template:

The 2023 Moon Cycle and Tarot Pull Journal ($17 separately)
+ early access to the 2024 version 

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