Get my brain in a box! With these online business kits, you will get access to jampacked full of comprehensive & proven information that will help you move your business forward in the areas that you need. From social media to branding to launching to everything in between… I gotchu!
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The Ultimate
Social Media Kit

Get access to the ultimate social media kit that will allow you to leverage your social media & get (even more) leads for your online business every single day! Including a copy of my hashtag strategy, social media scripts & templates I use to get 100's of new leads online to monetize my Facebook & Instagram every single day!

Just $10

The Lead Magnet with Ease Kit

Get access to the ultimate all-in-one Lead Magnet kit to help you build your simple system to attract more dreamy clients with ease! Inside the kit, you'll get access to my entire opt-in page copy templates & exclusive tips to create your funnel in no time. I'll even show you how to leverage a free tool to easily get your lead magnet in the hands of your audience & more!

Just $10

Canvafy Your Forms & StandOut

Get access to THE training that will take your Google Form from boring-@$$-yawn to drool-worthy-YESSSS by leveraging the power of Canva's pretty templates. This straight-to-the-point 5-step training w/ 9 templates + tools will tell you exactly how to create branded forms without spendy, complex tools to help you standout & connect + serve your audience!

Just $10

Passion Breakthrough Jumpstart Kit

Get Access to THE Kit to Help You Take ACTIONS Towards Your #Goals Right Now! In this simple yet powerful 4-step workbook, you’ll get clarity on your goals, audacious results, & live the life you were meant to!

Just $7

The Ultimate Brand Visibility Kit

All the things to get an irresistible brand presence & attract more clients online! This includes the EXACT tools, training & templates you need to show up well for your biz, leverage other people's audience, & be visible as a go-to expert in your industry!

From $27

Biz Goal Success & Manifestation Kit

Get access to this comprehensive bundle to help you achieve your goals in life & business FASTER! This ultimate kit shows you exactly how to manifest anything you want backed by the universe AND science #NerdZone Includes 7 figure business planner!

Just $37

The Ultimate
Launchable Kit

Get access to the ultimate launch kit that has everything I use whenever I want to create $5k+ launches online! PLUS: exclusive platform comparison chart to stop the #techoverwhelm & a secret hack I use to promote on FB groups so you can get more sales!

Just $97

Ultimate BF Holiday Sale Bundle

Get access to the training & tools that shows you exactly how to leverage different types of holiday offers to sell more whether you have NO offer, one offer, or multiple. We'll have a strategy for YOU! Yes, the sales funnel & what-to-do-when action guide too 😉

Just $97

The Ultimate Bundle of Bundles

Get access to the bundle of everything you need to host, participate & maximize collaborations including the behind-the-scenes Christmas in July collab bundle that generated 1000's of hot leads in just 4 days to help YOU leverage collabs & make more sales!

Just $111

YES to a Year of Expansive Sales

Whether you’re in the Design Years (<$1k), Develop Years ($1-5k) or overDelivery Years ($5k+), there’s ways to help you scale your offers & make more sales! Let's help YOU create an ever flowing sales for your business so you can serve more clients & make a bigger impact!

Just $111

Facebook Funnel Blueprint

For @Everyone Who Wish They Had Access to Everything You Need To Transform Facebook into a Cash Generating Machine 💸
This kit will allow you to dominate FB & get more followers; the ones that are actually ideal clients & convert more sales!​

Just $197

Love Your Leads Ultimate Bundle

Stop Getting Friend-Zoned & Start Making More Sales! The untold strategies on how to generate leads on repeat, the different types of leads (yes there is more than one!) & unique ways to nurture them without them just being yet just-another-follower-freebie-hunter!!

Just $222

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