Procrastination Motivation: Pure Laziness?

This Holiday season, many of us find ourselves stressed out because we are stuck in a really long line at the checkout counter for that last minute gift or grocery item. Procrastination seems to be a built-in human ability. It’s probably the only superpower we all share. But is procrastination motivation: pure laziness?

Let’s look at it this way – when we decide that something is important but not urgent, we defer it. Therefore, we procrastinate on that task. Each person have different priorities in life. There may be internal or external factors that affect everyone’s priorities as well.

For example, your house really needs to be scrubbed down for Christmas because your nit-picky sister is staying over so that handmade knitted scarf you were going to gift may wait until next Christmas. However, if you don’t care about what your sister thinks, then you procrastinate on that task instead and focus on the scarf.

We all procrastinate on something. Even the most organized, checklist specialist you know. It’s just a matter of what is important in your life. If you constantly slack off because you prefer to watch TV and indulge in the “now” of life, then you’ve made your priorities clear. Look back in your life, what have you been procrastinating about? Is there something you can do to organize your tasks better?

I understand that there are plenty of things we consider as boring in life that we procrastinate about. The number one example I can think of – budgeting! However, not because it’s not urgent, it doesn’t mean that it’s not important. Don’t wait too long until something becomes urgent until you address something. Or you might be stuck in a really long line at a grocery store waiting just to pick up a bottle of soda.

Merry Christmas everyone! =D

Merry Christmas, everyone! =D


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