Prime Deals 2022 for Entrepreneurs

Tbh, wasn’t sure if I should post about this. I have a complicated relationship with Amazon just like with Facebook. But I do love sharing good stuff with you so here it is 🙂 In addition to the 4×4 shopping list I have for you below, if you’d like to help me counter balance all the carbon footprint of the shipping & such, consider donating & planting a tree 🌲 & did you know you can support a non-profit of your choice to get a portion of your purchases when you use your Smile account (free to you)? …If you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership, get 30 days trial HERE
Amazon Prime Deals 2022



    🌮 If you’d rather listen to books, get 3 months Audible HERE & check out the Kindle Plus where I’ve been able to read books for free!

    🌮 Personally, I’m starting my shopping with the nerdiest version of Eat Pray Love 🤓

    🌮 I’ve been learning more about spiritual stuff lately & came across this badass vintage women power Tarot card deck & starter guide book

    🌮 & for those days you need a mental health break, here’s a super adorbs & helpful fill-in-the-blank book for ya



* I love cutesy artsy things that inspire my creativity & all for < $10

    🌮 Some of my 🖋 fave pens 

    🌮 Idea notebooks for inspirations

    🌮 Getting handwritten notes are instant relationship booster

    🌮 This one thing gave me nostalgia, anyone still use ’em?


    🌮 I love all things automation & my house stays clean with this

    🌮 When I get migraines, diffusing essential oils help me so much

    🌮 Here’s another thing that helps my migraine or just when I want a quick massage break

    🌮 If you have a business where you ship stuff (now or future), check this out


    🌮 I love coffee ☕️ for a hit of caffeine but I still also love tea for flavor & health benefits 💪🏻

    🌮 This is good for the skin AND for helping my plant babies when they got some bugs 🌱🐞😩

    🌮 When you can’t sit coz your 🍑 hurts, this is the thing at almost 70% off 🤣  #StillHooman Oddly enough, it’s not the weirdest thing I found on Prime Day LOL

    🌮 For the weirdest thing award, anyone still use the cups that go into this ‘cleaner’? 🙈 I’ve tried the cup-thingy & just not my cup #PunIntended

Did I miss anything cool? Comment below & lemme know 😀

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