Path Finding

As I was driving in to work, I realized something so obvious… there are many different ways to get to your destination! This is crucial to path finding regardless if you are in the corporate world or a student or own your own business. Here are some thoughts I had regarding this realization.

Some path may be faster, some may path be slower. But in the end of it all, the journey is what’s important. The people you meet, the lessons you learn… make sure you are engaging yourself and not falling asleep behind the wheel!

Sometimes, you may even find yourself lost. Consider this a challenge. Accept the challenge. Overcome the challenge. And once you’re on the other side, you will find that you are stronger for it. Never give up.

Consider the road conditions. And plan accordingly. If there is snow, drive slow. If there’s road construction, plan around it. And sometimes, a day at home to recharge may be good for you too. Consider the risks and the benefits – and your capabilities to push on.

Consider those around you. Your passengers may not realize what path you intend to go to, so make sure you communicate well.

In addition, consider those that are not in your vehicle. There are pedestrians everywhere! They are not just in the so-called “PedXing” so keep your eyes peeled for potential jaywalkers or other potential hazards and threats to your journey. You can always try to plan for these threats but the best you can do is to stay sharp!

Lastly, consider other drivers. They may be going the same direction as you are, but rarely are they going to the same exact location. They cut you off, slow down in front of you, switch lanes without using their blinkers. In short, they are also a hazard in your journey. This is why often, it is best to avoid highly congested areas. If everyone is already doing it, you may be stuck in traffic for a while and late to the party by the time your turn is up.

See if you can focus your energy on a path where the road conditions are good, there are less people, and not a lot of other traffic. You may have better success at getting to your destination faster and less stressed out that way. Besides, the country-side is prettier than the highway most of the time anyway.


Path Finding


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