Passion on Hold

I took my motorcycle class and passed a few summers ago. I have my license. However, I have yet to master the skills enough to feel comfortable again to ride. Sharing such information to you makes me feel vulnerable.

The fear of judgment starts crawling in. Thoughts about how I have spent the time, money, and effort just to let it go to waste, or how I am too much of a chicken to actually go through with riding a motorcycle and finish what I started gets me to fear the opinion of others.

Have you ever felt that feeling of vulnerability? What have you done about it?

We all experience life differently than anyone. Though judgers may think that they may do something different if they were in your situation, it’s easier to think and voice our opinions sometimes. Plus consider their judgments as a part of helping you grow into a much better person. Even if you can’t quite ride that motorcycle yet like they claim they can.

Passion on Hold - My Sweet Ride


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