Starting Something New or Moving On

I started a new job today. I left my previous job though I really loved the people I worked with and the job that I was doing. I will still miss the people, even though they pulled pranks on me like leaving a trail of post-it notes to my cube 🙂 However, I felt in my heart that it was time to move forward.  So whether you’re starting something new or moving on, treat everyday as if it were the first day for the rest of your life.

Each day deserves a reset button. A new day, a fresh start. Doesn’t that sound nice? Whatever happened yesterday, whatever the mistake was, it’s time to put those lessons to good use. Don’t let the memories of yesterday hold you a prisoner from moving on. It may not be easy saying goodbye but a new chapter can’t begin until you do.

Everyday should be used to its full potential. If you are not living in the “now” and experiencing the moment, you may be missing out. When  you move on from something, it is often the journey and not the destination that you live day in and day out. Put the phone aside and let social media be for a while. Enjoy the pleasure of what you have accomplish, what you are doing, and what you’re about to do. There are people and memories around you that are being made at that specific moment, even as you move on from one thing to another… the story keeps  going. Don’t miss it.

Remember that everyday is the first day for the rest of your life? Well, so is tomorrow when it’s here. So look forward. Today, the first day of the rest of your life, you may be leaving behind something incredible. Learn from it. Enjoy every minute of it. Tomorrow, the first day of the rest of your life, you may be starting something super awesome. Learn from it. Don’t let any minute of the moment pass you by.

Starting Something New or Moving On


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