Offer Audit HOT Tips

If you feel like your offer drowned out in the noise, remember, you are allowed to promote besides Black Friday 😏
Brand new day with a brand new week is in the horizon… AND a brand new month… Don’t wait until 2023!
Use this opportunity to tweak your offers & learn how you can continue to improve and serve your peeps 💕 Here are some tips on how you can audit your offers:

There are only THREE things you need to focus on to get more clients online AND I’ve simplified it for you as an S.O.S. (Strategy, Offers, Systems)… here they are…

1. Be strategic about your online presence: Are you SHOWING UP for your business, talking about your offers & staying visible in front of your ideal audience?
> When people find you on social media, is it CLEAR who you help & what you sell?
> Is your photo & branding intentional to better COMMUNICATE what you do?
> Are your posts reflective of your INTENTION for being on social media?

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2. Review the way you position your offers: Is your messaging clearly captured and your branding STANDS OUT in the sea of the noisy online world?
> Honest moment, did you ever do MARKET RESEARCH… for real?
> When you talk about your offers, is it RESONATING with your audience? (think conversion – likes, engagements, opt-ins, AND purchases!)

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3. Test your systems: Do you make it simple for people to grab (& consume) your offers without having to take time out of your CEO day to manually send things?
> Does your IG & FB profile have a link in your bio to make it EASY to buy?
> Did you REMOVE the gazillion unrelated links that confuse people?
> Will your leads be able to purchase your offer AND get the offer with ease?
> What does your FOLLOW UP look like after the transaction is made?
> Are your emails sending as expected to NURTURE your peeps?

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There you have it… answer these questions truthfully AND make the appropriate changes. Keep taking those imperfect actions and track the improvements because when you look back, you’ll realize how these “little” improvements actually have such BIG IMPACT to your business and clients’ lives!

Did I miss anything else that we should consider? Comment below & lemme know 😀

P.S. & fyi… it’s not just you, this year’s holiday shopping goes down in the record books as one of the noisiest, busiest yet…

I feel like we all need a 👚 tshirt that says “Survived Black Friday 2022” 😆 Maybe I should have shopped for a new phone 📲Start from scratch, change my whole identity!! 👩‍🎤

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