Are You Moldable Like Clay?

I was crafting and making a diffuser necklace out of clay one day and I realized that we may be more successful at reaching our goals if we are moldable like clay.

Moldable Like Clay

Clay is flexible – you can mold it, stretch it, put it into a ball. As a flexible person, we need to adjust as others need us to. We are to be flexible to other people’s needs and ideas. If you are flexible, you must be able to play well with others. Everyone have a different way to approach things, it is what you can control and how you handle the relationship that makes you flexible and more successful. Sometimes, others have a better way of doing things that we can learn from. We must be flexible enough to identify this early enough, be humble to accept that fact, and learn from that person.

Clay is adaptable – you can heat it, cool it, mix it with other materials to give it a shine or matte effect. Since I referred to flexibility from a people relationship perspective, I’m using adaptability from a situation perspective. If our environment changes, we¬†must adapt. We¬†must be able to think of creative solutions on the fly when the circumstance calls for it. If the present moment says to stay still and not say anything, pause. If the moment says run as fast as you can, run.

But as a clay – we¬†need to be both flexible and adaptable hand-in-hand. We need to always consider others around us while we pause or while we run. It may seem like a bit of a ramble and¬†simple common sense, but reiterating this information¬†is important. We often forget and it is¬†a bit more complex than the simplicity of the words – “be flexible and adaptable”.

Lastly, as a clay, we need to make sure that at the end of the day, we are still what we are. Are we still a piece of clay? Or did the people or circumstances change us completely? We must never allow anyone or anything to change us. Being a clay is what makes us unique and important. So be moldable, but always be a clay.


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