Mission Statement: My Personal Road Map

If you have not yet figured out your personal mission statement, make it your goal to start crafting one. It has been very helpful to guiding me decide whether I should pursue something or not. There are so many opportunities out there, but is it a priority mission for me to pursue?

This serves as my living document when I need to find my center:

My Personal Mission Statement

Mind you, this did not come to me in one sitting. It took a long process. If you do not know yourself, I suggest taking tests such as the California Psychology Inventory test, or StrengthsFinder, or something else. Your mission statement should be precise to you, not generic like most corporations nowadays seem to have. It will not do you any good if it’s generic enough to be from a fortune cookie.

So I challenge you to grab a pen and paper and draft one. Get that creativity juices flowing. If you need to Google some samples or guide on how to draft one, so be it! If you already have one, bonus points for you! Even better, take another look at your mission statement, does it still fit you? If not, it may be time to revisit your living document.

Are you ready?

Say it with me, Challenge Accepted!

And it’s going to be Legen… dary!


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