The one-of-a-kind program designed to help multipassionate entrepreneurs craft a multi-offer strategy so you can serve 10x more clients, make 10x more income, & have 10x more fun!

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This is your access to a full 12-weeks' access to get an unparalleled high-touch support that focuses on helping YOU get PRACTICAL Strategy & SIMPLE Systems so you can skyrocket your Sales, & Scale your 1:1 coaching or service-based business to new heights!

Hey Soul Sister, Stop The Overwhelm!

If you're a coach or service provider ready to build a PROFITABLE and SUSTAINABLE business without feeling like your business is becoming one giant black hole sucking every ounce of your life force..... I see you!

(And you aren’t going to want to miss this.)

Because Let's Face It...

Trying to go it alone, Googling, or following all the free advice to get unstuck has led to more sticky situations

Filling your calendar with clients means you're tied to your computer 24x7 (and your revenue tied with it!)

Creating an online course has you both excited to serve more people and exhausted by it all

Ready for an easier way to build your business that doesn't feel like light-years away?

If this is you, read the next part, this is where it gets good!

Typically, my clients work with me with one of two problems

Problem 1: You want more TIME to do what matters most to you

~ Your clients love you, your calendar is fully booked with your 1-1 clients & you even added your clients to your phone favorites list

~The non-client work is piling up & you can’t keep up with other areas of your business, let alone, your life (you’re even thinking about buying a microwave for eating at your desk but it’s the only time your family sees you)


~You really, really want to hire someone, or at least clone your self, or maybe even just train your roomba to post on Facebook, but you also realllyy do NOT have time for all that extra work

Problem 2: You want more CLIENTS to serve on a more consistent basis

~ You got mad skills, street cred, & heck even reviews that weren’t from your mom, but what you don’t have is clients lining up at your door

~You joined TikTok & jumped on Reels, still no client… some guru said ads work for them so you tried that too, but you couldn’t keep throwing your hard earned money at the Zuck machine

~You want to grow your business, fast! Maybe launch a group program but stopped halfway coz it was too complicated & you didn’t really know what to offer in the program anyway (or what to price it, how to sell it, and who will even buy it? Besides mom)

Do you feel like any of these sometime in your business?

I’ll let you in on a little secret, you can totally have more of time annnndd clients by implementing a PRACTICAL strategy, SIMPLE systems, & boost your sales through a suite of aligned offers!!

If I could do it, you could too! #NoMoreTradingTimeforMoney #NoMoreChasingClients

With more time freed up while serving more clients, what would your life look like a year from now?

Will you finally have that peace of mind that your business for for you, not the other way around & wake up every single day to consistent income without being tied to your desk?

How will you SERVE more people, GROW your team, & pay it forward with the new found extra cash flow that automagically comes to you?

Would you enjoy your new found FREEDOM taking time off from your business to take your family to a much needed vacation (like 3 weeks in Hawaii perhaps?) ? 😉

Happy Words From Happy Clients


Quantum Clients Academy

Is This The Right Rocket Ship for You?

This would be perfect for you, if:

~ You are a coach or service provider  looking to serve more clients through a course or group program especially for info that you seem to repeat over & over anyway

~ You want a no-fluff approach to build a scalable business that allows you to finally get that freedom lifestyle feeling.

~ You are ready, willing & able to commit, show up & take actions to get the results you want.

This may not be the thing for you, if:

~ You want to continue focusing on 1-1 client work for the foreseeable future & feel comfortable with a steady stream of income coming in

~ You are interested in selling physical products or other people’s offers (network marketing or affiliate marketing) 

~ You have a highly customized or done-for-you offer that you are not able to teach your client(s) to do for themselves

Curious about the Secret Formula that Fuels our Business Rocket?

The core program includes our proprietary FAST Launch™ Formula that will help you break down and incorporate action items to transform your 1-1 offers into your Signature Online Program.


Plan for the long-haul flight. The first thing we need to do is make sure the captain of the ship (you) are ready, able, & have the capacity to take your business to leaps & bounds. Using the templates & systems I will be providing, you will be able to create more space for you to run your dreamy, less fuzzy business.

MISSION 2: Calibrate our offers & ensure it is in alignment with our mission. During this time, we will create an offer suite that is sustainable & scalable so your income is not solely depending on 1-1 clientele. We’ll also make sure that what you’re creating is something that your ideal clients resonate with & need. Like right now.

RECONNAISSANCE MISSION: We’ll be spending this time to really hone in your offer from what we learned from the previous mission through competitive analysis & market research.

MISSION 3: Creating systems that work for YOU is our # 1 goal here. You will learn about the minimum viable tech stack you need to build & I will teach you simple funnel automations so you can continue to love your business and clients. All the prebuilt templates will help you stay focused on delighting your peeps & less on the icky tech.

MISSION 4: Focusing on STRATEGY when it comes to marketing instead of tactics is the key to getting leads on repeat, served on a silver platter. Ok, I will actually be teaching you to still do the work, i.e. talk to your peeps. But it will be fun work AND productive at the same time. No more talking to uninterested leads or posting to crickets.

MISSION 5: There’s no such thing as a perfect launch. But there is such a thing as a streamlined launch that gets more sales. In this mission, we are going to prep our launch engines before go-time. I will also teach you the different styles of launches. Not everyone wants to (nor should) launch the same way. Let’s launch the unboring, non-perfect way that also gets clients lining at the door!


Wrap-up Mission.
Launching your Signature Online Program is just the beginning. Stay the course & make your path to 10k months with the roadmap, templates, & tracker that I will be providing you.


Boost Mission.
Your launch will just keep getting better & better. We will spend some time honing in on the relationship building activities. Having client testimonials, affiliates & a team will help propel your launch to even greater heights!

One Small Step for (Wo)man…

One giant leap for (Wo)man Kind…

Let's take a peek inside the engines

Quantum Clients Academy is a hybrid program that combines a robust step-by-step framework AND high-touch support. I want you to take ACTION and get RESULTS. Here's how we get it done:


This is NOT a one-size-fits-all "course". There is nothing like it.

This is where the magic happens. During our time together, you will get an incredible level of support! Inside, you’ll have access to a dedicated co-working space, LIVE coaching, Voxer support, 1:1 opportunities, access to my network, & our private FB mastermind group.


All of the core training available for you so you can go at #HyperSpeed

Just in case you want a refresher on the things we’ll cover. You will always have access to the entire collection inside our private portal.  Plus since online business is ever changing (i.e. FB updates), our training library will keep improving & growing.  You’ll have access to those too!


You will be asked to show your work as part of this accelerator program.

My #1 goal during our 12-weeks’ time together is to help you get results. We will achieve this by giving you personalized feedback on every piece of work you submit. Whether it’s your final sales page copy, webinar slides, branding, etc. I will hold your hand every step of the way!


Intimate cohort & customized support to amplify your results!

The ultimate high-touch, top-notch service where you get private calls with me to get you started & bi-weekly 1-1 check in on your progress along the way. AND, enhanced access to the Voxer hotline for support every single week. If I don’t hear from you, I will proactively reach out!

But that's not all...

To Infinity & Beyond Bonuses

The Bonuses that will help you reach for the stars

Business VIP Membership

During our time together, you'll also get:

When you become a VIP member, you’ll get access to all the LIVE trainings I launch during the mastermind round. Plus, dozens of prerecorded training & tools specifically to help female entrepreneurs with their mindset, strategy, systems, & making sales online! We also have an Interactive Funnel Lab
(this is one-of-a-kind opportunity to take the tech overwhelm out & easily simulate your funnel traffic!)

Plug & Play Tech + Tools

Access to every tech & template your heart desires:

This includes your landing page, sales page, copy templates, email sequence, social media content vault, & much more! (You’ll get access to an ever growing vault based on student requests so you get EXACTLY what you need!) Full disclosure: Currently, the funnel will be provided in Kartra & can be copied in any platform of your choice. This alone is worth the time, stress & money you’ll save. A Canva version is coming too!

$100 Breakthrough Bucks

Action Taker's Bonus Value: $100

Sign up w/in 48 hrs of receiving this page, you get:

$100 Breakthrough Bucks you can spend on ALL things I sell all year including private sessions. Think of this like a gift voucher, but for yourself/your business/your bff. Plus, if I’m launching or there’s any bonuses/discounts/whatever available, your credit is directly equivalent to paying, you’ll get any extras/discounts too!

My Universe Centers Around My Happy Peeps Like...

Reporting for Duty

I’m no rocket scientist, but I sure do love exploring the unknown with other dedicated business owners!

Clarity and structure are my bread and butter and the words I live by, whether I am helping a new coach reach their first ever $5k month, or helping an experienced entrepreneur navigate the systems of their third business. You can count on me to be right there every step of the way to help you know exactly where you are going next and how you are getting there, and I help you explore these answers with proven strategies and tried & true processes.

I’m not just another “techie” coach helping you with your online business strategy & systems. I have a formal education in Computer Science, a Master’s degree in Business (specialized in Innovation & Growth), a coaching certificate, and I bring with me over 10 years of real-world tech management experience! I’ve successfully worked alongside CEOs & executives of Fortune 500 companies AND small businesses to deliver PRACTICAL strategies and helped them implement systems that work!

And now, I want to help YOU do the same using the FAST Launch™  formula to build your THRIVING online business that work for you!

Let’s Shoot for the moon… Together.

Let the Exploration Begin.

I can't wait to see you inside Quantum Clients Academy. I can’t wait to bring strategy, systems, sales, and scale right to your doorstep.

Limited Time Offer $18888 ELITE Access:
3 Monthly Installments of $888 [with a $888 deposit] OR Pay In Full of $3k

For a VERY Limited Time, You Have a Chance to Take Advantage of My Heavily Discounted Beta Rate.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Out-of-This-World Refund Offer

**100% Confident Refund Guarantee.You have my personal guarantee. At any time during your onboarding week inside the academy, you decide this isn’t for you, I will refund ALL your money & gift you $100 in #BreakthroughBucks you can spend on anything with me all year, no catch. That’s because I have confidence in both the Academy & in YOU! **

Frequently asked questions

Let me ask you a question: are ready to get SERIOUS about growing and cultivating your business. This means we don’t accept any wishy-washy “Maaaaabeeee”s. Only those who can confidently say “Heck yeah. I’m on board,” are suitable for this program.

If you are a service-based entrepreneur who is ready to scale and grow sustainably, then you are a good candidate for Quantum Clients Academy. This includes:

  • Entrepreneurs who are feeling stuck at $1-3k/m looking to scale to $5-10k months (day job included – let’s get you working on your dream full time!) 
  • Business owners who are not (yet) fully booked & looking to elevate their existing offer while building a profitable AND sustainable business
  • Service providers who are fully booked with their 1-1 & want to expand with ease (through online courses, digital products, memberships)
  • Those who rebranding / pivoting & looking to create a strategic, holistic business that will serve even more people

Does this sound like you? Are you ready to dig deep? Then YOU, my friend, are prime candidate for the  Academy.

Right now! This is an intensive course, and it is for those SERIOUS about taking their business to the next level with tools and strategies, so latecomers will not be permitted. My target is very high success and completion rate for our students so I limited the first round to 8 students on a first-come, first-serve basis. It SOLD OUT. It’s not a sales scare tactic. It’s my way to make sure I’m serving my peeps with my utmost, tip top shape. I’ve revamped the program since to make it more accessible & more jampacked full of value & keeping the preselling to a small number of entrepreneurs.

During our 12-months’ LIVE accelerator, you will have an unparalleled high-touch support from me & my team. We will have a live calls specifically designed to hold your hand every step of the way.

These trainings also come with complementary ACTION-takers’ homework that will give you the pieces you need to move forward without the overwhelm.  And because life happens & in case you need a refresher, these calls  will be recorded & all-inclusive portal access is available for your convenience (including all the exercises, templates, scripts, and tools provided).

Not only that, but when I say high touch support, this is beyond anything you’ve ever seen before! Every single month, you also have me as your “coach-in-your-pocket” where you have the opportunity to receive personalized feedback on your homework or if you just have any question along the way.

This is a rolling enrollment designed for self-led entrepreneurs ready to go ALL IN & take actions NOW. What does that mean for you? If you are considering being involved in the program, then grab a cup of coffee, put on your big girl pants, and pull the trigger, because THIS IS THE CHANCE YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!

Our mastermind cohort is kept small (up to 14 people) to ensure everyone gets high-vibe support so it’s first-come first-serve & I cannot guarantee that everyone will be accepted.

What I can guarantee is that I will not be offering this hybrid style course at this price, or with all of the BONUSES ever again. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, climb aboard and watch your sales BLAST OFF, then there is no time like the present. You really have two options. First option is to keep waiting for the next thing to come around while doing it the same ol’ way. But I have a feeling you’re ready for option two… You’re ready for your chance to do it the easy way. The Quantum Clients way.

OMG, can I just tell you a quick story? My story. When I first took a leap of faith to live my freedom-based life, I was broke AF. I had a refund check from my health insurance of $352 and a car full of my stuff. If anybody “couldn’t afford” to invest to pursue their dreams, it was me. But do you know what I did? I said to myself, “I am going to FIND a WAY to MAKE this happen. Imma figures this stuff out.” So I jumped ALL IN, landed on my feet, and made over $100k that year. The point? Successful entrepreneurs are NOT the ones who say “I can’t afford it.” Successful entrepreneurs are the ones who get resourceful. They are the ones who say, “I am going to FIND the money to make this happen because I am committed to making my dreams come true. I want a successful online business and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.” Some of my best clients thought they “couldn’t afford it” and then they got resourceful. They said YES, found the money, and are getting amazing results, thanks to that strategic decision. And I promise you, they had more “excuses” to not do it. But they ignored the excuses and CHOSE to bet on themselves. Now they are running a freedom-based business without the overwhelm, with the strategies that I help put together for them. If you’d like my help in finding the money, I’m happy to do that! Just message me back and say something like “Dianne, I am IN and I’d love your help in getting creative with how I am going to get this investment.” and I will be so down to help you!

Easy peasy. You can send me an email at or DM me on FB or IG: