Long Journey Ahead

Have you ever felt overwhelmed like there are still a million things to do and there is not enough time and energy left? OK, that was a rhetorical question.

This is the feeling I was feeling right now. Maybe this seem a little bit more like a venting session, but bear with me… I’m hoping this story may benefit someone.

Here goes… I was getting ready for my anniversary trip. We were going to Mexico this year. I’ve never been there and wanted to see the Mayan ruins. And who doesn’t love the beach?

But until I get to my destination, it felt like it has been and will continue to be a long journey. That’s just life!

It’s not simply completing tasks that pertain to getting ready for the trip, there are other things that life throws just for fun. I need to continue my day job and other responsibilities. Plus I found a sick kitten (it actually found me) last week and have been taking care of it.

I know that this is not as complex as others’ lives may be. However, I wanted to give a personal example of how cumbersome it can be sometimes to pursue something we desire. Life can keep throwing things at us, but we must keep going. We need to keep our eyes on our goal.

It may be a long journey ahead, but boy, the adventures alone make it worth it! And if you ever need to vent, let ‘er all out. Your stories are worth sharing too!


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