Keep Your Fire Alive!

Have you ever sat in front of a fire? It has an enchanting effect on most people. It’s simply astonishing.

However, consider this. The fire didn’t just magically appear. It started with a bunch of random pieces of wood and finally, a spark sets it off! And once in a while, you have to get your butt up (even though you found the perfect, comfortable spot!) and put more wood into the fire to keep it going.

It’s the same with our passion. It starts with a bunch of random ideas floating around in our heads. And once it sparks, it takes effort to keep it going. Whether it may be reading books, writing blogs, networking, or starting a new venture… it doesn’t matter. Just keep doing something and don’t let your fire burn out.

And even if you may not recognize it, your continuous (sometimes seemingly stubborn) efforts to pursue your passion is enchanting and astonishing to people.

Keep Your Fire Alive!


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