TikTok was so 2020… How To Leverage Clubhouse For Your Business in 2021

Move over TikTok, Clubhouse is 🔥🔥🔥 If you’re looking to grow your business this year, this is the place to be!

2020 was the year of videos but 2021, audio is quickly becoming the latest social media craze. And Clubhouse is leading the market on this trend. 
The authentic conversations are definitely enticing & addicting. That’s probably why some people call it Crackhouse 😅

But let’s face it, if you are NOT intentional and Clubhouse does not fit your business growth strategy – then it’s just yet another shiny object.

How I’m Leveraging Clubhouse (So Far)

Here’s the deal, the app is still in beta – meaning it’s still too new to have a “perfect formula” that works. And if you follow my content online, I looovvveee experimenting with new stuff. So far, Clubhouse is proving to be a great asset for my business. In less than 1 week:

I’ve gotten exposure to hundreds of new audience by simply participating in rooms where my target market hangs out eager to learn.
TIP: I’ve built my account to a little less than 300 followers in 1 week. Don’t worry too much about your # of followers, they will come. Keep showing up, join the conversation & dropping valuable advice. People that are listening in may not follow you right away but they’re definitely lurking & hearing what you have to say!

> I’ve found new collaboration partners & podcasts to guest for. There is power in numbers & being alongside other speakers sharing their knowledge boosts your expert status as well. But don’t just stop there. I’ve learned that it is more powerful to continue to take the conversation on other platforms such as Instagram when you vibe with someone so you can level up even more!

>I’ve learned more ways to drive traffic to my other channels. Like I share inside my ThriveMBA program, having a funnel is a very important part of your process. So make sure you have identified ways on how you’re funneling your newly found audience AND existing audience to continue the conversation with you. Such as writing an article like this to invite YOU as a speaker (or listener) to my next CH event at: https://passionbreakthrough.com/joinclubhouseevent

How Can You Leverage Clubhouse For Your Business?

In this video, I spilled everything about Clubhouse (even my prediction on how they’re planning on monetizing the dang thing).
And yes, if you have doubts about Clubhouse, still waiting to get in, or have an Android – still worth a listen, pinky promise 🤙

Watch here >> https://passionbreakthrough.com/vault-clubhouse


Now, like I said in the video… I am constantly sharing more tips that will help you build a successful business including Clubhouse tips.

Plus we are also having a Clubhouse Invite Train & collab threads inside our group.
MAKE SURE TO CLICK HERE & CHECK IT OUT >>> www.fb.com/groups/passionbreakthroughcommunity <<<<<

Need help on implementing a strategy to grow your business with or without Clubhouse?
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Quick Bio about the Author:

Dianne Shelton is a former Fortune 500 management consultant turned business strategist and certified Coach. Her mission is to help you get the CLARITY+STRUCTURE you need to get unstuck from Idea Land to your Ideal Life so that you can share your gifts with the world.

She has helped hundreds of women through her direct, on-point coaching style that provides more clarity and just the right amount of structure. Her work has been featured on Female Entrepreneur Association, Brainz Magazine, Empowered Woman Spotlight, Thrive Global, and Medium.

She spends her free time traveling in search of good friend chicken and hanging out with her 3 younger siblings when she’s introverting at home.

Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook @PassionBreakthrough

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