How to be thankful this Thanksgiving season

Thanksgiving season is coming upon us. This is the time of the year that we come together with our family and friends to celebrate what we are thankful for. Sometimes, we come up with the same old, same old… same general list of things we are thankful for. We often become entitled for what we have. We need to think deeper so that we can really enjoy what this Holiday is meant for.¬†This year, may I suggest some tactics¬†how to be thankful this Thanksgiving season?

  • Be specific: The quad processor in your gaming PC? Or the freshly brewed coffee you get to sip every morning? The little things in life matters too. They make life a little more enjoyable.
  • Don’t be selfish:¬†think back to the memories that the year has brought you. It’s more enjoyable with family and friends. Be thankful that no man is an island. Regardless of how annoying Aunt Betty may be. (Better yet, give her something to be thankful about!)
  • Remember you have more than what you deserve: there’s many people out there less fortunate than yourself. Simply having a roof over your head or being able to get out of bed without needing to call the nurse is something to be thankful for.
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving Day everyday:¬†why only be thankful one day out of the year? I’m sure there’s studies out there that will show how it can benefit you if you appreciate life everyday.
  • Teach your padawan how to be thankful:¬†Sharing the benefits of being thankful and making sure¬†other people around you also¬†understand why you are so thankful will help spread the joy of thanksgiving.

There you ¬†have it –¬†how to be thankful this Thanksgiving season and many more seasons to follow. It’s more than just Turkey day followed by standing in line for deals. It’s being grateful and sharing your appreciation. And it’s a process that can be learned over time. Having a grateful attitude will help us appreciate what the day brings forth and helps us keep our eyes open for opportunities presented in life.

How to be thankful this Thanksgiving season


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