How Do You View the World?

I love heights. I know a lot of people don’t – including my own mother. Luckily for me, I did not inherit that trait so that I can enjoy this breath taking view from the plane on our way back from our trip.

It made me think about how I viewed the world. My worldview is very limited – one person’s perspective to be exact. I need to be conscious of how other people may view the world. My friends may view the world differently than my family, co-workers, or family. But that’s what makes our journey of meeting and interacting with people even more enjoyable!

Knowing that there are other perspectives out there and other ways to think about the world, we can stop limiting ourselves from just our own perspective.

If we were to follow our passions and solve some sort of problem in the world, we need to take in multiple perspectives – one may simply not be enough.

Plane View


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