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Christmas in July Giveaway

This is one of the most valuable giveaways of the year
& I can’t wait for you to benefit from the gifts our generous and brilliant contributors are providing!


You better watch out, You better not cry coz
This special event will close once the timer hits zero!


Dozens of free tools, templates, & training (which normally can cost upwards to $2700+ combined!)
to jumpstart your 2nd half of 2022 with more clients, simplicity & consistent income!

A Sampling of 25+ Amazing Gifts From Inside...

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What To Expect From The Christmas in July Giveaway...

Kick Off 2nd Half of The Year Right

This is one of the most valuable giveaways of the year, and I can't wait for you and your business to benefit from all of the gifts & prizes that our generous and brilliant contributors are providing to help you kick off the 2nd half of the year right & with more fun!

Ultimate Gifts & Prizes

Over a dozen gifts & prizes over the course of 4 days! From July 25-28, you'll get full access to our helpful & inspiring community and all the gifts & chance to grab over $2k in value. Plus, you’ll get to choose exactly which gifts YOU want immediately after signup.

Gifts that Keep on Giving

When you sign up for the gifts that you vibe with, you are also going to be part of the contributor's email fam, this way you can get to know each other even more! If you don't wanna hear from them again, just reach out to them & no hard feelings. You still get to keep ur gift.

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About Yer Host

Dianne Shelton is a former Fortune 500 management consultant turned multi-offer business strategist & sales systems coach and the founder of Passion Breakthrough. She’s a Filipina-American who is on a mission to help female coaches, consultants & service providers launch and scale their thriving online businesses using her FAST Launch™ Formula.

Clients hire Dianne for her ability to implement practical strategies, create sustainable offers and build simple systems so they can get more sales with ease. Her background in computer science & MBA combined with her ability to provide clarity & structure has given her the opportunity to help CEOs & founders for over 10 years transform their ideas into a successful online venture.

She is unafraid to go through the fire to achieve great things like when she moved halfway around the world from Manila to Minnesota and traded in a “safe” career to build a coaching business from the ground up. She has helped hundreds of women through her direct, on-point coaching style that provides more clarity and just the right amount of structure. In addition to her coaching business, Dianne is also a 2x international best-selling author, speaker, and podcast host.

She spends her free time traveling for good food and playing board games with her 3 younger siblings.

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You Got Questions, We Have Cookies & Answers (the cookies are for us & Santa)

If you are a woman entrepreneur who wants to to jumpstart your business with more clients, simplicity & consistent income… then this giveaway is designed just for you. We are running this super-fun & value-packed giveaway event from July 25 – July 28 (to kick off the 2nd half of the year & get us in the abundance mindset, giving mood!
Once you’ve signed up for the giveaway, you’ll have access to ALL of our contributors’ free gifts. Due to the nature of this collaboration, your email address will NOT be automatically shared across all gift providers. You are in control of which ones that you are interested in and the ones you may want to pass on. 

Put your wallets away, we won’t be asking for your credit card information for these free gifts
(unless you wish to grab one of our super juicy relevant offers).

The only thing we ask of you is that you’ll put our gifts to good use <3
After the promotional dates, these free gifts will return back to its normal selling price.
No extensions & no exceptions, sorry not sorry. Just as Santa only delivers free gifts one day a year then goes back to his other job, so do we as entrepreneurs.
Except you have FOUR days. And we actually let you know we’re coming. So keep your eyes peeled!

Abso-freakin-lutely you could! We would love to get these free gifts in the hands of as many women entrepreneurs as possible so we can all thrive together!
And we cannot do that without your support. So THANK YOU for giving forward!! #AbundanceMindset Rocks =)

All it takes is for you to send the link: via email or social media to your friends

Nope, nada, zip. This giveaway is in no way associated with Meta (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, & they wish SnapChat but that boat has sailed). This is highly experimental, check the legal bits first if you’re into that before signing up. Please don’t sign up if you feel this is not for you, like if you’re under 18, in certain countries, & such.

GREAT!  We love helping 🙂 Send an email to & we’ll get right back at ya.
Better yet, join us in our FB community & ask your question there. If you’re curious about something, someone else is probably wondering the same thing.

thanks for being here!

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