How Often is Too Much Emails?

“Should I email once a week? Once a month? Once a day? On holidays?” That’s the question I get asked a lot by my clients when it comes to email marketing. As I get more collaborations fired up 🔥 this 2nd half of the year, I’ll be sending more value-packed emails for my peeps. Therefore, 1 email a week just doesn’t seem to cut it. Originally I’ve only been sending sporadic emails but being part of Liz Wilcox’s email membership (affiliate link) has helped me from staring-at-a-blank-screen moments to feeling pumped up to send regular emails! Last month, I sent about 2x a week… last week & next, it’ll be twice that for giveaways 🙂

As I started to clean up my email list, I continue to grow my subscriber list along with open rates, even though I have been sending more frequent emails 🤞 Fingers crossed that continues…


Here’s a couple quick points I learned…

☝️I had to stop caring too much about metrics for vanity & start caring about it for improving how I show up for my “leads” i.e. hoomans who read my emails (that’s YOU 😉)  It has led to:

  • Higher open rates & click rates for my 2k subs
    (was 2,900 but scrubbed it & went from 30% > 36% & 1% > 3%)
  • Making more sales from emails without hoping on a sales call or having to post on social media, whenever I send email promos, I make sales & trust me, it didn’t start out that way #BuildTrustFirst
  • Having a gratitude attitude instead of feeling like a failure when peeps choose to unsubscribe who probably don’t vibe with me anyways so they can make room in their inbox for something that is in more alignment with them AND make room in my email list for someone who is more alignment with how I do business 😻

✌️There are no hard fast rules about the ‘format’ of your emails… just start sending ’em, experiment & have fun along the way #TacoBoutItTuesday 🌮  email was born this way 🤓 Sign up in the footer & join in the fun!

Did I miss anything cool? Comment below & lemme know 😀

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