How I Leverage CLUBHOUSE as
an Endless Lead-Generating Machine
& Grow My Online Business

…without the overwhelm and wasting countless hours on the app…

Truth Be Told

Many entrepreneurs have a love-hate relationship with Clubhouse

They get a bit of FOMO & download the app
With very little to NO STRATEGY
So it becomes nothing but a time & energy vampire

Instead of using Clubhouse as a secret weapon
To generate more leads & get more visibility

~ Now Picture This ~

What if there was something that allowed you to easily turn Clubhouse as your new fave go-to tool?


Clubhouse Business Growth Pack

Get Instant & Lifetime Access to Done-For-You Templates, Tutorials, and Guides

This is the most comprehensive Clubhouse training for business owners to optimize their time on the app & generate more leads!

βœ… Step-by-Step Clubhouse 101 training & guide
βœ… Clubhouse PROFILE Optimization training, tools & templates
βœ… How to best leverage KEYWORDS inside the app
βœ… Simplified guide for the best types of ROOMS for you to join
βœ… EVERYTHING you need to moderate a room from set-up, finding a co-moderator, promoting your rooms, & more!
βœ… Moderator script to know EXACTLY what to say & do in your rooms including how to take control of a “take over” speaker
βœ… How to create, promote, & grow your brand-new CLUB
βœ… Generating leads and following up OUTSIDE of Clubhouse using done-for-you scripts & lead tracker


Want to meet the person behind all of this?

Hey there!
Dianne Shelton here… so excited to meet you!! And I’m also super excited to be sharing this special limited-time training & toolkit with you.
You see, I am not just another “techie” business coach, I have a formal Computer Science education & a Master’s degree in Business specializing in Innovation & Growth. What I’ve learned from my education & 10+ years’ real-life experience as a Fortune 500 consultant is that PRACTICAL strategies & SIMPLE systems make all the difference in business. So as an award-winning certified business strategist and certified Coach, I’ve created this easy-to-follow & jam-packed guide for you!! After all, my mission is to help women pursue their passion who are fed up with complicated systems & strategies so they can build a life & business they love 🧑

Hear It Directly From Happy Clients....
Want a Sneak Peek Inside??

This Clubhouse pack is especially made for business owners who are looking to leverage Clubhouse without the overwhelm and wasting countless hours searching for valuable conversations and getting ‘sucked’ into one pointless room after another. We cover the app basics, Clubhouse profile ninja tips, exactly what you need to know about Clubhouse rooms, and everything in between!

………Instant, Lifetime access to ALL our training, templates, & tools……

CH 101: What is Clubhouse & Where do I start?
+ We’ll do an in-depth introduction of the Clubhouse app
+ How to navigate Clubhouse
+ And a few additional tips along the way!

CH 102: All About Your Profile – Show Up Well!
+ Let’s talk about your Clubhouse Name & Username
+ Top tips & tools for your Clubhouse photo
+ Optimizing your Clubhouse bio (with tools & templates!)

CH 201: Being Intentional About What Rooms You Join & People You Follow
+ How to find the best rooms & ideal people to follow
+ Get familiar with Clubhouse keywords
+ Tools to help you plan, manage & track your keywords

CH 301: Joining Rooms for Maximum Results
+ Simple Matrix to help you:
~ Learn about the different types of Clubhouse rooms &
~ Where to spend your time depending on your goals

CH 302: Moderating Rooms Without The Burnout
+ How to create, promote, run & promote your own rooms
+ How & where to look for a reliable co-moderator(s)
+ Complete set of moderator tools & scripts

CH 401: All About Clubs!
+ What is a Clubhouse club (including the most recent changes!)
+ How you can use it for your own business
+ Growing & nurturing your club

CH 402: Following Up Beyond Clubhouse
+ Simplest & easiest way to follow up outside of Clubhouse
+ Done-For-You DM script to turn conversations into leads
+ No-fuss Lead Tracker to keep on top of your new contacts

Β !! PLUS Awesome BONUSES !!
++ Clubhouse Room Journal & Training
+++ Clubhouse Photo Templates library including:
1x Club image tempalte
3x Social Media promo post templates
6x Clubhouse bio templates
3x Clubhouse bio photo borders


Grab the Clubhouse Business Growth Pack Now
& Show Up Well For Your Business Online!

Dianne's Personal Guarantee

Hey there, you’ve reached the end of the line… I’m out of things to tell you to help you make a decision… This is it! I promise you CAN do this. But the best part is… you don’t even have to believe me.

If you’re not 100% satisfied within 7 days, simply send me an email & you will be offered a full refund AND I’ll even let you keep the training too!

It’s that EASY & SIMPLE. Fair enough?

thanks for being here!

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