Procrastination Motivation: Pure Laziness?

This Holiday season, many of us find ourselves stressed out because we are stuck in a really long line at the checkout counter for that last minute gift or grocery item. Procrastination seems to be a built-in human ability. It’s probably the only superpower we all share. But is procrastination motivation: pure laziness? Let’s look at …

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Starting Something New or Moving On

I started a new job today. I left my previous job though I really loved the people I worked with and the job that I was doing. I will still miss the people, even though they pulled pranks on me like leaving a trail of post-it notes to my cube 🙂 However, I felt in my …

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How to be thankful this Thanksgiving season

Thanksgiving season is coming upon us. This is the time of the year that we come together with our family and friends to celebrate what we are thankful for. Sometimes, we come up with the same old, same old… same general list of things we are thankful for. We often become entitled for what we …

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Path Finding

As I was driving in to work, I realized something so obvious… there are many different ways to get to your destination! This is crucial to path finding regardless if you are in the corporate world or a student or own your own business. Here are some thoughts I had regarding this realization. Some path …

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Someone Threw 100 Grand on the Ground!

Are you throwing 100 Grand on the ground? Or down the drain? I often hear people get suck into a “Get Rich Quick” program. And these programs seem to be getting smarter every day! No wonder more and more people are falling victim to them. It’s a sad world we live in. A word of …

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

We’ve all been there – that moment in our lives when we are faced with challenges that test our limits. It makes us feel vulnerable and separated from others. Maybe we feel like no one understands our issues. Or we are just too tired or don’t have the time to explain ourselves. Even more, maybe …

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Music, My Great Motivator

Some people work best in complete silence. Others work well in a stressful environment. What do you do to stay motivated and focused? I, for one, love to work with my noise-cancelling headphones on! It keeps me from multi-tasking and helps me focus on the task at hand. I also close out of all my …

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The Sweet Taste of Trying Something New

I’m not a very good baker but I’ve taken a cake decorating class and I really wanted to put that skill to work! I love the idea of a roll up cake. Sounded fun! But I’m not very good at following instructions either – the recipe for the mocha roll up cake frosting seemed too …

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Start with the End in Mind: My End Goal

Last month, I wrote about my Mission Statement, which serves as my personal road map. Another valuable piece of information that keeps my actions lined up with my passion is my Vision Statement. Vision Statement, as I have learned it, should be short and straight to the point. My personal Vision Statement is 10 words …

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Build Something, Big or Small

Whether you intend to build a spaceship or a pink spaceship model made of Lego bricks, just build something. But you have to get started and pick up that first brick. Everything that we build, whether it is our business empire or an automated system to feed the hungry cats in China, needs to have …

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