Build Something, Big or Small

Whether you intend to build a spaceship or a pink spaceship model made of Lego bricks, just build something. But you have to get started and pick up that first brick.

Everything that we build, whether it is our business empire or an automated system to feed the hungry cats in China, needs to have a well-built foundation.

If you skip the tedious and cumbersome work to set up databases and SEO optimization for a website, you may experience delays to your end results. If you skip cleaning your cats’ litter box so you can binge on TV shows instead, good luck to you!

I completely understand the intoxicating effects of doing something you love. But, having self-discipline is very important to succeeding in completing what we start.

You may be thinking, well I can hire someone to do that for me. But then again, you need to stop doing what you love to look for someone to hire first. In any case, pick up your bricks and stack them in the right order. That way, you can focus on doing what you love with a lot less interruptions and better results.

Build Something: Brick by Brick


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