Should You Participate in Black Friday Shopping?

With the rise of online shopping, it feels like every single hot minute there is a sale event going on 🔥 So when it comes time to look for opportunities to buy & sell during the Black Friday promotions, let’s pause and think if it’s even worth spending our money (& time) to do so.
In this article, I’ll share some of the good & the not-so-good reasons so we can openly discuss the Holiday shopping spree of the year. Let’s dive in!

The thing is, there are BILLIONS spent on this holiday weekend alone. Now you might be thinking, this is EXACTLY why you don’t want to throw more fuel to the capitalism fire. But hear me out… as heart-centered entrepreneurs, we do it because we want to SERVE more people and create more passive income for ourselves so we can truly enjoy the freedom based lifestyle we set out in the journey. It’s a great opportunity to get visible & reach more people who are LOOKING, ready, willing, & able to get results with the help of our offer.

It’s also a great way for us to snag a few things that will help expedite our progress without burning down our expenses all too fast. Which in turn, we can leverage the extra savings to invest in other things that will help us reach more dreamy clients in the longer term.

So if you’re even just slightly convinced that it’s not all bad to jump on the Black Friday shopping train, let’s continue the conversation & talk about some of the pros & cons… I’ll start us off with the not-so-good & end on a positive note! Here goes:


  • Taking time away from holiday family time & prioritizing other non-shopping things
    Honest moment, I am one of those people who want to have it all. Maybe it’s all of us in some degree 🙂 What I mean in this circumstance is that, I want to spend time with family for Thanksgiving so we don’t lose the true essence of the gratitude attitude that was originally intended as the true meaning of the holiday. At the same time, I want to serve my clients, create offers for them AND find great deals as well!A few tips I can offer so we can maximize our time with our loved ones for those who feel the same way are these:
    1. Have an open conversation: Talk to your family & let them know that you want to be 100% present with them & level set expectation on when you’ll be unavailable
    2. Plan out your shopping: Make a list of offers you are seeking to purchase & set aside downtime in your day when you can intentionally look for these discounts
    3.  Setup systems: Automate the process, schedule your posts, build your funnels & make it easy to have your audience purchase from you… if you can delegate your shopping, even better!
  • Feeling pressured to spend money because of FOMO & limited time savings
    Sometimes our emotions get the best of us & we end up spending money on that newer version of XYZ that we don’t necessarily need then feel guilty about the cost afterwards. Make sure to take a look at your budget to see what you can move around for your discretionary funds, and ask yourself… “Will this help me achieve my goals?” If the answer is a strong NO, it might be best to listen to your gut & not let a distraction get in the way of your journey to success!
  • Being overly fatigued with the noisy promotions happening around this time
    If you’re like me, having tons of unread emails & social media notifications makes me feel anxious to want to clear them off my plate. The best thing that has ever been invented in the digital space is the Do Not Disturb feature. Turn this on & only allow yourself time to check those promotions that you intentionally want to look at.


  • Getting a steep discount on offers that you may have been eyeing for a while
  • Finding new products that you may not have considered if it weren’t on sale
  • Supporting business owners that are changing the world for the better & making an impact
    It’s essential to every entrepreneur to feel supported. Not just from a monetary standpoint & also to boost their energy to help them push through on tough times.
    Speaking of supporting small business owners, join us for our 2022 Holiday Market ExtraOrdinaire, where we’re featuring 8 talented women-owned businesses to share their offers! We’re giving away prizes worth $800+ & giving everyone an opportunity to promote their business during our networking event. Starts on November 21, 2022 in our Facebook group. Check out the event HERE.

Some of the amazing women you’ll meet:
Aimée Bagshaw of VA, Printable Shop Creator & Health and Wellness Blogger
Cindy Cooley Brockway of Personal Coaching Specialist & Development Practitioner
Cathy Lee Cawley of Certified Professional Organizer at Simplify You
Ioana Cozarescu Kind of Career and startup mentoring for working parents
Brittany Fank of Operations & Data Management for Creative Entrepreneurs
Sandra Noda Matsumoto of Gifts to Make You Smile Health, Fun & Jewelry Items
Sheila Anderson-Mochrie, The Wholesale Formula & Skincare Expert for Female Entrepreneurs
& me 🙂 Dianne Shelton of Passion Breakthrough, Offer Strategist & Systems Coach for Multi-passionate Women

Did I miss anything else that we should consider? Comment below & lemme know 😀

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