Be Careful of the Bucket Lists, To-do Lists, and all the Lists!

Lists are great! If you’re like me, I keep a bucket list, to-do lists, goals list, grocery list, and everything-in-between lists!

You may have heard somewhere about prioritizing lists in four boxes:

  1. Important and Urgent: Do
  2. Important but not Urgent: Defer
  3. Not Important but Urgent:  Delegate
  4. Not Important and Not Urgent: Delete

Clean and simple. But things are often not that simple. And they shouldn’t be.

Instead your lists should really look like this:

This is what a real life list probably looks like...

Real life requires creativity. Don’t let those who came before you tell you that you have┬áto be stuck in a box. Learn something from them but overflow your experiences outside the box. That’s where you’ll find your way to finding your purpose.


Click on the image below to download your own copy of the list template above:
Free for Personal Use: Blank List Template

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