Always Be Yourself

Halloween is just a day away.¬†Who will you be? Me? I’m wearing my “Always Be Yourself Unless You Can Be BatCat” Shirt.

It seems that we always ask the question of what will we become? Who are we? We always seem to want to become someone else rather than appreciate our uniqueness and explore who we are. It prevents us from finding who we really are and what our purpose and passion in life truly is.

In a world easily exploited by commercials, social media, and peer pressure… what can you do to protect your identity? People around us seem to wear masks and hide who they really are, whether they choose to or they feel that in order to belong they HAVE to. It’s not only celebrities who deal with this. There are people in our lives who may be feeling like they are a fraud. If so, give them your support to help them find themselves and tell them it’s OK.

If you’re the one feeling like a fraud, it’s OK. Take the time to find yourself. There’s tons of resources out there to do so. Don’t wait too long until you completely lost your own personality. You do not want to wake up one day to look yourself in the mirror only to not recognize the person looking back at you. You are not alone. If more of us stand up and be ourselves instead of being defined in a box, think of how much we can change the world.

Don’t give into the hype of becoming someone else. Maybe¬†for Halloween. But¬†definitely not for any other day.

What will you be for Halloween?


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