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10 lessons learned from being in the collaboration bundle in Lizzy’s Christmas party twice (so far)🎉



Back in December, I joined Lizzy & friends to share hundreds of free entrepreneurial gifts with our peeps… & yesterday was a bitter-sweet day! 😰

It was the last day for peeps to sign up for their gifts before it went back to being paid products again… it was sad to know that some people would miss the deadline, and on the other hand, I was grateful for the opportunity to serve more peeps & it was sooo rejuvenating to watch all the signups that came on the last day #ProcrastinatorsUnite (nothing wrong with that, I was one of ’em 😆)

Wanted to share with y’all some of my list of Christmas goodie bag lessons (the good, bad & #’s) as a contributor… hope it helps someone for your next collab project:
* if you’re like, Dianne, this list is confusing, what the heck are you talking about? DM me on IG @PassionBreakthrough, I’ll explain 

1) Sign up early! The first year, I decided to sign up late & it worked to my advantage being near the bottom of a one-page list for the TLDR sign-uppers like me. However, this year, the format has changed a bit & I didn’t “time” it right so I was in the back-half but not enough to make it be a good strategy… Being one of the firsts is still a better plan for next time 🔝

2) On the optin form, show a bit more personality to stand out from the other awesome offers to really get them to actually want to use your free gift. I noticed some peeps had moving images (GIFs) & that drew my eyes when I was getting their freebie. I’ve decided to be risk averse in case the GIF thing didn’t work… instead, I added emoji’s & sassy verbiage in mine & seemed to work (& brought in my peeps who vibe with it 🙂 )

3) Don’t reuse sales page with a coupon code  …coz sometimes the checkout page still asks for credit card info (mostly Paypal issue) & there’s peeps like me who don’t want to hand our credit card to strangers we just met on the internet (plus I’m too lazy to get up & get it) On my 1st year, I did this & end result = less signup conversions… 2nd year, I made it to just collect email addy + name… much better with conversion @ 88% vs 78%!

4) I got a handful of bump purchases (which is a “checkbox” offer on the same page), but bumps are typically lower on giveaways… so on my 2nd year, instead of bumps, I decided to try just doing a simple complimentary tripwire offer which is what Lizzy teaches anyways. Buuut, it bombed 💣 I don’t have the stats on my previous year handy anymore but it’s probably about the same as my tripwire purchases this year… my assumption is:
A – the Thank You / Tripwire offer I had was a bit busy /too much info for the way the giveaway was setup where everyone’s attention was sooo limited & divided #MyADHDBrainNeededaBreak 😅
B – the offer itself, though it was <$10, was not -really- related to the Launch + Manifest kit that I was sharing as a free gift, or peeps think they’ll find it as a gift elsewhere in the bundle
C – people were like me & didn’t have their credit card handy / not in a buying mood & fully absorbed in the giveaway, best to build more trust first & tell them about offers later that is relevant to ’em

​​​​​​​6) On the thank you page, have a simple CTA (call to action) on the next step. Besides getting peeps to join my mailing list, the first year, I had a boost of peeps joining my FB group coz that was literally the only button to click on my thank you page. Since I did the tripwire offer page route this year, I didn’t have the lift in my group… I’m definitely going back to asking peeps to join the group coz there’s more free resources there & love building up my community of powerhouse multipassionate women 😍


7) Don’t spread yourself too thin In 2021 is when I really ventured into collab projects & I wasn’t in tons of them (yet), by the end of 2022, I feel like every month, there was at least one project I was on… in December, I had 2 🙈 Yes, it was embarrassing to have less signups from my affiliate link this year when I had more peeps on my list than last year. Plus, after a year of promoting collabs, pretty sure my peeps got a little tired of hearing about em & at the same time, I was starting to run in similar circles where we were in bundles the last time (so we end up sending the same stuff to the same audience… over & over again… twice, them & me) 

8) When sending out emails about the collab promo, consider both peeps who may not have gotten the bundle yet & those who have already gotten the bundle already… make it relevant to both peeps (like this educational list for YOUR future collabs 😉 )

9) Have a follow-up offer after the collab is over… & I’m not just saying that as an offer strategist *wink wink* BUT with all the previous tips / lessons shared above, by having a good freebie that you got in the hands of potential clients AND having not spread yourself thin, you should have the capacity to build trust with these peeps FAST… last year, when my thank you page led to my FB group, I was able to open conversations with peeps right away… which led to 2 high-ticket clients! 🤗💕

10) Partner up with people! I’m bad at this (still) so this last tip / lesson is a do what I say not as I do kinda advice #FullTransparency LOL The whole point of a collab is NOT just to increase the NUMBERS of leads in your email list, or -maybe- get a signup for your offers… it’s also to build CONNECTIONS with the people that signed up for your freebie AND… wait for it… the people who were ALSO contributors 🤯​​​​​​​🤯 Who would’ve thunk? They like being in a collab project, you like being in a collab project… seems like a match made in heaven that is waiting to happen… but you gotta make yourself less introverted or “busy” & make time for it (I’m talking to myself now… which is why I saved the last tip for what I needed to hear most… I am THAT person who stands by the food at networking events afterall 😂)

There you have it a long-@$$ list of things I’ve learned from doing a freakin amazing collab 2nd time in a row!! I’d love to hear which one resonated with you most, comment below & lemme know 🙂 Also, email me ( if you wanna do a collab with me… I’m thinking of doing our Christmas in July collab bundle again this year (still far away but I can put your name in a follow-up folder) 🎄​​​​​​​🎁


Quick Bio about the Author: Dianne Shelton is a Filipina-American, Libra gal who loves to nerd over board games with her 3 younger siblings, spend summers gardening in her Minnesota home & travel to beachy places to find good food during winter!

Her mission is to help multipassionate coaches & service providers scale their offers with ease so they can serve more peeps while making more income & having more fun! Through 1-1 mentorship and inside her Quantum Clients Academy, she helps her clients focus on aligning + scaling offers, building simple systems, elevate their marketing, & generate sustainable sales.  She has helped hundreds of women through her unique, on-point coaching style that provides more clarity with just the right amount of structure.

Having a computer science & MBA degree paired with real-life corporate experience for over 10 years serving Fortune 500 companies – leading global teams & scaling $4MM online projects – led into her mission of empowering & supporting more women make a bigger impact in the online space.

Dianne is also a 2x international best-selling author, speaker, and podcast host. She advocates for womxn rights & mental health awareness. Her work has been featured on places like Fox, Digital Journal, & MarketWatch. Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook @PassionBreakthrough

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