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Some people have been blessed enough to know exactly what they want to do with life. And be content with it.

Me? I wasn’t quite sure. My ADD seems to kick in every time I find something interesting. “SQUIRREL!!!”

Now I’m pretty satisfied with what God has given me. An (ex) husband, a good job that I traded to pursue my dreams, a master’s degree I have no idea what to do with, a nice home, and 3 wonderful… cats siblings! Yes, life has brought on many unexpected twists and turns but that’s what makes the adventures worth it… I love to keep busy. I’m like a ninja! I attack multiple things head on.

Don’t get me wrong, most days I lay around and binge on TV shows. But I can’t help push myself to fulfill my purpose. And help others on their Passion Breakthrough Journey.

As I contemplated on what direction I wanted to go with, I really could not come up with ONE thing. I want to do it all. As I went for a nice afternoon walk, I watched butterflies make their way from one flower to another.

And I guess that’s when it hit me. It’s ok to go from one thing to the next. It’s not a bad thing to move from one thing to another. Even butterflies get ADD. Even dandelions are worth investigating. It’s not a failure to experience all the scents, the colors, and the textures of the flowers.

So here I am. I’m here to share my experiences of all aspects of life. At first, I wanted to _be_ The Butterfly Ninja. But after going through more and more of life’s adventures, it turns out that I’m meant to raise an army of Butterfly Ninjas after all.


P.S. Even if God may not be your friend, maybe you call it the universe, I’d love it if you stick around and be my friend! I will not be pushing my beliefs on anyone, I’m just glad you’re here. You’re welcome here anytime!

The Butterfly Ninja is Born!
#MakeYourBreakthrough – Find your inner Butterfly Ninja!

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