Hi, I'm Dianne!

I’m a former Fortune 500 management consultant turned business coach & offer strategist. I’m here to help multipassionate female coaches & service providers monetize & scale their online offers.

If you're curious about the longer version of my story, you've come to the right place!

The Beginning

Before I started Passion Breakthrough, I’ve always had a love for technology & my parents were both entrepreneurs. Growing up in the Philippines, our garage was converted into a store. Fast forward to college, I decided to go for my computer science degree & get my MBA (Master’s in Business Admin) Then promptly spent over a decade chasing after a corporate success story as an IT management consultant. I’ve successfully worked alongside CEOs & executives of Fortune 500 companies AND small businesses to deliver PRACTICAL strategies and helped them scale multimillion dollar online projects globally! But in the corporate world, especially when you’re climbing the ladder, good work  seem to be rewarded with … you guessed it... more work.

The Struggle

There was barely any time left for personal growth, relationships, hobbies, & living life!

After a few months of continually getting sick (my body telling me enough is enough!), I finally hit my ceiling. That was when I had my breakthrough moment & decided to take a leap of faith.

No, it wasn’t a single “Aha” moment. It was a series of multiple events then a final decision to go all-in.

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Taking the Leap of Faith

I finally answered that entrepreneur calling ready to make more difference & get more freedom (although it wasn't through a payphone),
I DECIDED to #GoForIt & jump all-in with both feet to pursue my own business full-time so I can finally do what I love all the time & help other women around the world to also pursue their freedom-based lifestyle.

Nowadays I leverage my techy skills helping others to launch & scale their own business online

Because I Know Simple Doesn't Necessarily Mean Easy. Without The Right Expertise Or Support, There's Parts To Our Business Where It Can Be Overwhelming Or Intimidating.

Finding More Success Without Working More

Gone are the days when I have to work hard for the sake of putting in the hours. I've been blessed with having the freedom to serve other amazing women to accelerate their online success. Some of my best clients started from ZERO. Now, they are now running their freedom-based business without the overwhelm, with the strategies and systems I help put together for them. And I'm proud to say that I get new leads & make money in my sleep, it's super fun to wake up to emails like this every week.
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sold offers

Getting clarity on which direction you’re going then putting in simple automagic systems (think driving a car vs walking) equals more freedom, money in the bank & lives impacted!

Because, let’s be real…
1) Being yourself online is a bit more tricky these days… what the heck does “on brand” even mean? 😅 Being a non-native English speaker & a naturally quirky person, I’ve learned to embrace my own hashtag & teach my clients to do the same: #AuthendaciousAuthority which means, be your BOLD true self (being afraid but still putting yourself out there anyway) while sharing knowledge with the world.

2) Having NO strategy means you’re winging it & the chances of success are, well… based on luck. Here’s the kicker that most coaches won’t tell you though… having a strategy doesn’t guarantee success either. It does INCREASE your chances of it. It gives you FOCUS. With my MBA degree & as a certified coach, I help my clients with strategy that works for them. Strategy that are NOT rigid. Strategy that will be sustainable & scalable because life happens. 

3) Systems can be overwhelming but it’s necessary when you’re building an ONLINE business. Don’t worry, I’m here for you! My degree in Computer Science & 10 year technology management career armed me with the skills & the love of all things tech! 

The End??

Actually quite the opposite! I’m just getting started!! After I finally untangled the things holding me back, focused on my zone of genius & found my peeps who can help me get to the next level — I’m free to shine bright & make a bigger impact. 

And I believe this is possible for you too. 

An invitation

Here’s how I can help you. 

If you’re looking for no-BS & simple-to-understand business resources — you are in the right place!

I would love to help you live your own freedom-based lifestyle without burning yourself out before you get there…

Let’s build your own sustainable & thriving online business together!

I would like to invite you to a FREE Breakthrough call where we’ll sit together to take a look at your business & I’ll point out some things you can fix so you can get more freedom, money and impact in the next 30 days!

This customized session is for you if:

  • You are a female entrepreneur who is serious about bringing in MORE sales while making a BIGGER impact
  • You are ready to uplevel & grow your business without the extra unnecessary work (or red tapes)
  • You want it all = a successful AND sustainable business, plus a freedom-based lifestyle

Click the link below to grab your spot!

The Core Principles

That built Passion Breakthrough


This business is built on faith, love, hard work, and fun.

My breakthrough moment started with a leap of faith then we followed through with the momentum and give it 111%

The journey has been incredible & the story isn't over yet. I'm here to share it all with you!

I <3 You

This business exists for my clients (past, current, & future). And I'm committed to support you so you can make your part of the world a better place.

Whether it's through my content, responding to emails, or anything else in between - I do it with utmost respect & much appreciation for you!


Everyone is welcome here!
Well, almost everyone. The content here is for Breakthrough Seekers. The kind of people that are done with the mundane and looking to spark their lives.

Our tribe is built to be an uplifting & positive support system. We bring each other up instead of tear each other down.


I like to help others who help themselves. My content & programs are tailored for those who are ready to #GoForIt
My philosophy is: When life takes us on a detour, we take a deep breath & keep taking imperfect actions.
When mistakes happen, we take responsibility & learn how to make things better.


A lot of my resources are FREE!
I do this simply coz I love it. There are also paid offers & programs to help Breakthrough Seekers go above & beyond.

And I believe that you don't have to reinvent the wheel or
do everything by yourself.
Anything I recommend will be vetted & clearly disclosed.

Giving Back

At Passion Breakthrough, I believe in making a difference.
I do my best to do my part. I provide free resources, award scholarships, volunteer my time, & donate a portion of profits to support the community. I share my actions not to brag but to inspire others that even the smallest of actions can #MakeADifference

>> Speaking of FREE Resources & While You're Here <<

Make sure to grab your FREE copy of my business framework workshop so you can stop doing all things in your business & start building your profitable & sustainable business #WorkSmarterNotHarder

One Last Thing

#HappyDance I’m so happy that you stepped into my world. Now that you know my story and how I got to where I am, I’m SOOOOO excited to learn more about YOU!

Whether you found your way on my About page through a freebie link I’ve sprinkled all over the ‘net or you’ve invested in one of my paid offers , I can’t wait to be part of your #Breakthrough story & watch you THRIVE!

Learn more how you can work with me here.

To Your Breakthrough,

thanks for being here!

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