Here's the Scoop

Passion Breakthrough is a Self Improvement brand for those who are seeking to master their lives.

The Vision: Make the world a better place by having people everywhere live the life they were meant to live.

The Mission:  Unleash each person’s superpower into the world so they can get more freedom, money, and impact.

The Goal: Inspire others through free & paid content, online community, & anything else offered here to help #MakeYourBreakthrough into Your Best Life.


This business is built on faith, love, hard work, and fun.

Our breakthrough moment started with a leap of faith then we followed through with the momentum and give it 110%

The journey has been incredible & the story isn't over yet. We're here to share it all with you!

We <3 You

This business exists for our customers. And we're committed to support you so you can make your world a better place.

Whether it's through creating content that best support your journey, responding to emails, or anything else in between - we do it with utmost respect & much appreciation for you!


Everyone is welcome here!
Well, almost everyone. The content here is for Breakthrough Seekers. The kind of people that are done with the mundane and looking to spark their lives.

This crew is built to be an uplifting & positive support system. We bring each other up instead of tear each other down.


We like to help others who help themselves. Our content & programs are tailored to work for those who are ready to take action in their lives.
When life takes us on a detour, we take a deep breath, get back out there & keep going.
When mistakes happen, we take responsibility & learn how to make things better.


Most of our resources are FREE! We do this because we love it. We also sell online training programs to help Breakthrough Seekers go above & beyond.​

And we believe that you don't have to reinvent the wheel or
do everything by yourself.
Anything we recommend will be vetted & clearly disclosed.

Giving Back

At Passion Breakthrough, we believe in making a difference.
We do our best to do our part. We provide free resources, award scholarships, volunteer our time, & donate a portion of our profits to support the community. We share our actions not to brag but to inspire others that even the smallest of actions can #MakeADifference

>> Speaking of FREE Resources & While You're Here <<

Make sure to grab your FREE copy of the 4-Step Guide where you’ll learn the step-by-step system I’ve shared with many women who consistently get audacious results, clarity on their goals, and you guessed it – get the life they were meant to 😉

A Note From Dianne

Hi friends,

Nice to meet you! I’m Dianne Shelton, founder/CEO of Passion Breakthrough dedicated to helping you #MakeYourBreakthrough and live the life you were meant to live.

Quick side note: I also love trying out new food, traveling & hanging out with my little siblings (OK, well, they’re taller than me but who’s checking?).

Before I started Passion Breakthrough, I spent over a decade chasing after a corporate success story as an IT management consultant but it was never enough. There was barely any time left for personal growth, relationships, hobbies, & living life!

After a few months of continually getting sick (my body telling me enough is enough!), I finally hit my ceiling. That was when I had my breakthrough moment & decided to take a leap of faith.

No, it wasn’t a single “Aha” moment. It was a series of multiple events then a final decision to go all-in.

My dream is to have a world full of passionate people letting their light shine bright & fully living a life they were meant to – full of joy, excited to share their gifts with the world, & being their true, positive selves.

Coaching has always been what I enjoyed as part of my career. Throughout my career, I would seek out opportunities to help high potential individuals get to the next level.

I realize that there are many individuals on the same boat. The ones who realize chasing success, money, fame, power, or anything else is meaningless if it’s not aligned with your life. And I’m here to tell you amazing people – you are not alone!

So, here I am today pursuing my passion. I decided to take it to the next level to reach as many people as possible and created an online platform: Passion Breakthrough!

I’m excited to have you here today. See you around!

To Your Breakthrough,
Full disclosure: Our content will have a mix of inspirational quotes & scriptures sprinkled here & there to support the topic. It is by no means meant to push my personal beliefs on anyone.
I’m glad you’re here and ready to #MakeYourBreakthrough

thanks for being here!

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